Sunroof FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions

Will my sunroof leak?
Webasto inbuilt sunroofs are designed with an extensive water management system to direct the water that encroaches past the seal into a dedicated water channel and out through drain tubes, keeping the interior of your vehicle free from water.

Why does my headliner look different?
Installation of an aftermarket sunroof requires original headliner to be replaced with a new, upgraded headliner.

What is that loud wind noise?
As with any open window in a vehicle some wind buffeting may occur. This is completely normal, and can be reduced or eliminated by slightly opening another window to relieve the air pressure or by closing the sunroof 1-2 inches from full open.

What if my sunroof loses power?
The sunroof control unit will retain memory if power is lost. In some cases it may be necessary to re-initialize. In these instances please refer to the
owner’s manual received with your Webasto Sunroof for the procedure to complete this activity.

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